What is Steel Matting?

What is Steel Matting?

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Whenever there is a structure or building being constructed, you are most likely to see steel material or mesh wires in the construction area. This material is called steel matting, or welded wire mesh. 

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Companies often use steel matting in different infrastructures to make building facades stronger and making them a lot safer,  used . 


What exactly is Steel Matting?

Steel matting is a metal work that is assembled in a factory using welding techniques to join materials together permanently and create intersecting wires with accurate spacing. Welding the wires together makes steel matting a great material because of its enhanced strength and its ability to hold a uniform shape for a more specific measurement. Steel matting or welded mesh can withstand heavy force without breaking or tearing and is ideal to use in many things, like reinforcement for concrete structures, gates or fencing, as well as house fixtures. 

Mostly made with high tensile wire, stainless steel rebar rods, or galvanized steel rods, its excellent corrosion resistance allows steel matting for wet conditions. 


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How Steel Matting is Made

Factories make steel matting by feeding wires through a machine that pre-cuts the wires, lays them in place, and applies a uniformed weld at all intersecting joints. It comes in various wire thicknesses ranging 2mm – 6mm and aperture from 1 to 8 inches. Steel matting can also come pre-rolled or cut in predetermined sizes. 


Ways to Use Steel Matting

We can also use steel matting in other ways! Here are different ways on how to use steel matting:

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  1. Agriculture

Use the material as a fence on farms to keep wild animals from entering the property and make shade panels for the livestock or storehouse for crops

  1. Animal Control

Because steel matting can withstand powerful force, it can also make animal enclosures for animals, particularly livestock or those in zoos or animal sanctuaries.

  1. Facades

Because of its intersecting industrial style, some interior designers or architects use steel matting for aesthetic purposes, especially for industrial themed homes or buildings.

  1. Door and Window Screens

Known for its durability and strength, doors or windows can get a protective barrier from the outside by incorporating steel matting. 

  1. Fences and Gates

Steel matting can also be used for residential, commercial, and industrial areas for added protection and versatility allows you to decorate it with plants for added aesthetic. 

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  1. Modern Divider

In some industrial themed rooms or houses, steel matting is a great alternative for a divider or panel. Not only it gives you the industrial aesthetics but also is durable and will surely last long.

  1. Machine Safety Barrier

Because steel matting is strong and can withstand heavy force, it can be used as a protective barrier for machineries and equipment being used in constructions.  

  1. Shelving 

Steel matting can also create shelves for both homes and warehouses. Made using steel matting, these shelves are guaranteed to last long and can withstand holding heavy materials. 

  1. Plumbing

Some contractors use steel matting to support pipes installed in walls or in ceilings.

  1. Building or construction

Last, steel matting is used to reinforce material for concrete structures and is an excellent material for foundation because of its strength.


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Advantages of Steel Matting

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If you’re thinking of utilizing Steel Matting for your next construction or DIY project, here are the advantages you should remember:


  1. Impenetrability

Often used as a fence or a protective barrier, steel matting is impenetrable and can withstand strong forces. Because it varies in thickness and size, it makes it unbreakable especially under powerful pressure. If you are thinking of using steel matting as a fence or gate, make sure that professionals install it to ensure security. 

  1. Durability

Steel wires are cut precisely and welded using machines, leaving little to no error at all. The stainless steel used in production is resistant to corrosion and well as wear and tear, making it perfect for any weather.

  1. Low Maintenance

Steel matting requires little to no maintenance at all.

  1. Stability

When installed by a professional or with experience, steel matting stays in place, especially when lodged in concrete.


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There are many uses and advantages to using steel matting, but it combines durability, flexibility, and security for any construction project. 

Are you trying steel matting soon?


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