Welded Reinforcing Mesh Now in PH for Safer, Faster and More Cost-Efficient Construction

Welded Reinforcing Mesh Now in Philippines for Safer and More Cost-Efficient Construction

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Reinforcing mesh is widely used in developed countries as a substitute for commercial bars in walls and slabs, foundations, and footings. But in the Philippines, creating the mesh takes longer due to the effort of manually tying rebars together with tie wires.

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation, the country’s steel industry leader, aims to do away with that with their welded reinforcing mesh. Called RMesh, it is a prefab reinforcement steel grid that is fused with resistance welding technology using an automatic welding machine. It aims to streamlining the process by mitigating the cons manual mesh creation. Rmesh also offers several benefits that are relevant in today’s global climate.

Resistance welding fuses the intersecting bars to form square or rectangular grids, creating the mesh.


RMesh is available with technical specifications that conform to either PNS 49 & 211 or ASTM A1064, as specified by the National Structural Code of the Philippines (NSCP). Its applications include slabs on grade (SOG) for roads and any building structures, retaining walls, interior or partition walls, external walls, perimeter walls, precast cladding panels, steel decks, etc.

An operator feeds longitudinal or line bars into the automatic welding machine.

Benefits of RMesh

RMesh promises less wastage in the worksite, as it is a prefabricated product, meaning customers can have it customized to their specifications. Its standard sizes are 2.4m x 6.0m and 2.4m x 9.0m, ideal for implementing social distancing in the worksite. 

Its main advantage is its simplified installation. This helps quicken the process and improve project progression compared to the traditional method of tying rebars.

With the construction industry being limited by the health concerns surrounding COVID-19, numerous firms are looking for ways to enhance work efficiency amid pandemic circumstances. RMesh is a simple but innovative solution that aims to improve project progression without compromising worker safety. 

RMesh is delivered in bundles using 10-wheeler and trailer trucks. Each bundle is properly tagged for ease of handling at the project site.

SteelAsia has put up the country’s first and only production facility for welded reinforcing mesh in Bulacan, located beside its rebar-making plant. They use a combination of Swiss, Austrian, and Italian technologies to produce world-class reinforcing mesh for the local market.


For inquiries on RMesh and how to avail of this construction solution, please contact the following:

Phone: +632 856 3333 / +632 856 6888 local 2222

Mobile Phone: +63917 867 4804 / +63917 837 9740

Email: ENLu@steelasia.com / ALCruz@steelasia.com / ADDeleon@steelasia.com 


Visit www.steelasia.com for more information.

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