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Top 10 Color Trends for 2024 in Interior and Exterior Design

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From the gray and white minimalist color schemes of the late 2010s to the vibrant, green, and fuschia pink colors that mimic the unique display of hues in nature during the height of the biophilic hues trends in the early 2020s, there seems to be no lack of up-and-coming trends that will sweep the interior and exterior design industries next. While personal preferences will ultimately decide the final color scheme of a home, there is no doubt that color trends are considered by homeowners when it comes to deciding what the interior and exterior design of their house will look like. In the end, what appears to be the most attractive colors end up on the interior and exterior design of a home, and trendy colors usually fit the bill.


While there are still a lot of other factors to consider when it comes to interior and exterior design, the color scheme of the structure and its fixtures ultimately help bring the space together in one coherent design. Color trends often consist of hues that blend well together, which is why they appear to be attractive to many homeowners. Truly, color trends are palettes that both the designer and the client should study, or even consider as a reference for the home. In this article, we will feature 10 color trends that every homeowner should look out for in the upcoming year. 


Top 10 Color Trends for 2024 in Interior and Exterior Design


1. Warm whites

Image from Southern Living

Cool-toned neutrals are out, warm undertones are in. In the forthcoming year, vanilla, off-white, and cream will grow in popularity, as these shades of white bring sophistication and depth to a space while keeping it bright and neutral.


2. Neutral grays

Image from House Beautiful

Gray complements almost any architectural style and blends seamlessly with various landscaping elements. Light gray exteriors offer a contemporary and elegant appearance, and on the other hand, dark gray hues can add a sense of drama and timelessness, working well with traditional or colonial-style homes.


3. Brown

Image from Nichiha USA

Brown has been trending for the last two years, and will still maintain its popularity in 2024. This warm, earthy tone embodies 1970s lounge, and can blend with so many color palettes.


4. Terracotta and rust

Image from Lush Home

Terracotta and rust tones have seen a revival in 2024, adding warmth and charm to various architectural styles. These earthy colors exude a sense of rustic beauty and nostalgia, evoking memories of traditional Mediterranean and Southwestern designs.


5. Natural colors

Image from LoveToKnow

Natural colors are set to rise in popularity in 2024. This is because gray and brown are universal and fit well into a variety of design solutions, whilst blue and green are more daring and rare solutions.


6. Muted greens

Image from Bob Vila 

British brand Graham & Brown has named a mid-tone green, Viridis, their color of the year. This is because these earthy tones evoke calming qualities that most people find comforting.


7. Rich and Deep Colors

Image from The ArchDigest

Rich and deep colors, such as deep chocolate browns, deep navies, forest greens, and interesting blacks, are set to dominate interior and exterior design in 2024. Brands such as Behr and York Wallcoverings have both chosen black and brown hues for their go-to shade of 2024.


8. Purple

Image from Asian Paints

Due to its hue, many interior and exterior designers may feel intimidated by this color. However, muted, softer purple shades will rise in popularity in the coming year. The reason is that they’re a nice companion to pinks, blues, and greens, adding depth or vibrance depending on the shade of purple.


9. Jewel hues

Image from Living Spaces

With the rise of maximalism, as opposed to past trends of minimalism, jewel hues are set to rise in popularity in 2024. These hues can range from emerald greens to ruby reds, as they can be combined with neutral accents.


10. Radiant yellows, oranges, and pinks

Image from MagicBricks

The brand VERANDA states that radiant yellows and oranges will be trending in 2024. This is because these sunny shades make the design more vibrant when showcased in textiles and gardens. PANTONE’s 2024 Color of the Year Peach Fuzz is also expected to appear in many interior and exterior designs in the upcoming year. 


Using Color Trends For Home Design

Using color trends to personalize your own home is a popular method that designers use to bring various elements of living space together into one coherent design. Incorporating the latest color palettes, hue combinations, and shades into various elements in your living space can definitely allow homeowners to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing abode with a nod to contemporary and relevant design. Design your home with these 2024 color trends and enjoy a beautiful home in 2024. 



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