The Holcim Revolution: Introducing Holcim-TectorCeram & Holcim-TectorPlast - Pinoy Builders

The Holcim Revolution: Introducing Holcim-TectorCeram & Holcim-TectorPlast

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Holcim Philippines, an industry leader in providing high-quality construction materials for every Filipino, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Holcim-Tector line of Drymix Mortars: Holcim-TectorCeram and Holcim-TectorPlast.


These next-generation construction materials are designed to empower contractors, home renovators, and all professionals in the construction industry with superior performance and efficiency.


Polymer-Modified for Enhanced Durability

The Holcim-Tector range takes Drymix Mortars to the next level with their innovative polymer-modified formulation. This advanced technology incorporates a polymer binder that acts as a secondary binder within the mortar, significantly improving its adhesive characteristics. Additionally, Holcim-Tector products incorporate specialized chemical additives that further enhance the properties of the wet mortar which leads to superior workability, adhesion, and overall strength compared to other leading brands.


Holcim-TectorCeram: The Future of Tiling Solutions

Holcim-TectorCeram is a revolutionary tile adhesive specifically formulated to comply with the European standard EN 12004. This ensures exceptional performance for fixing all types of tiles using the thin-bed method. Compared to the traditional thick-bed method, the thin-bed method offers several advantages. 


Reduced Material Consumption

Holcim-TectorCeram requires less material compared to thick-bed methods, minimizing waste and project costs. The thin-bed method requires significantly less mortar to achieve a secure bond. This translates to reduced material usage, minimizing project costs and environmental impact. Contractors can expect to use less material with Holcim-TectorCeram compared to using tile adhesives that require traditional thick-bed methods.


Thinner Tile Profile

Tiles fixed with Holcim-TectorCeram create a thinner overall profile compared to thick-bed methods. This is particularly beneficial for modern design aesthetics that favor clean lines and minimalist profiles. Additionally, the thinner profile allows you to maximize the usable floor area in renovation projects where space optimization is necessary. 


Faster Installation

The thin-bed method allows for quicker tile installation due to the reduced amount of mortar required and TectorCeram’s faster drying time. This translates to significant time savings on construction projects and enables workers to complete tiling tasks more efficiently and move on to other phases of the project more quickly and efficiently.


Holcim-TectorPlast: Streamlining Mortaring Applications

Holcim-TectorPlast offers a versatile solution for interior and exterior thin plastering applications, adhering to the EN 12004 standard. Here’s what sets Holcim-TectorPlast apart, streamlining various mortaring applications for increased efficiency on construction sites:


Reduced Coats

Traditional painting methods often require numerous coats to achieve a smooth, blemish-free finish. The TectorPlast skimcoat (Facade & Wall solution) breaks this mold. Its superior workability and formulation allow for a smooth finish in just four coats, saving time and materials. This translates to reduced labor costs and faster completion of wall and facade finishes.


Multi-Purpose Functionality

Holcim-TectorPlast Multi-fix All-in-one mortar eliminates the need for multiple products needed during the construction process. TectorPlast is an innovative product that can be used for a variety of mortaring applications, including bricklaying and block-filling. With TectorPlast, storage requirements are reduced on-site, and confusion over which product to use for specific tasks is eliminated.


Enhanced AAC Block Adhesion

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks are a popular lightweight building material prized for their ease of use and insulation properties. However, traditional mortars may not always offer optimal adhesion to AAC blocks, but TectorPlast AAC Block Adhesive addresses this challenge head-on. It is specifically formulated to optimize the handling and adhesion of mortars when working with AAC blocks. Holcim Tector-Plast ensures a strong and secure bond that is crucial for the structural integrity of every construction project.


Experience the Holcim-Tector Advantage at CONEX 2024

Holcim invites fans and professionals alike of the construction industry to experience the future of Drymix Mortars firsthand. The all-new Holcim-Tector line will be showcased at the upcoming CONEX (Construction Expo) happening from April 18th to 20th at the SMX Convention Center. The expo is open to the public with free admission, offering a chance to see the Holcim-Tector products in action and learn more about their benefits. 


Holcim Philippines remains committed to providing innovative and high-quality building materials that empower construction professionals to build better, faster, and more efficiently. The Holcim-Tector line is a testament to this commitment, ushering in a new era of Drymix Mortars that deliver superior performance and value.


For Southern NCR Holcim patrons, access to high-quality Holcim products just got easier! You can now pick up products at Holcim’s Bicutan Drymix Plant located at KM16 West Service Road, Acsie Compound, Brgy. Marcelo, Parañaque City. No minimum order is required! 


Want to know more? Send us an email at or contact us at (02) 8581-1588.

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