The Effects of Soil Erosion: Why Homeowners Should Be Aware of It During Home Construction Projects - Pinoy Builders

The Effects of Soil Erosion: Why Homeowners Should Be Aware of It During Home Construction Projects

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Construction projects should always maintain safety and careful planning to meet the project goals successfully. In home construction projects, both the project managers and homeowners should consider all the factors that can affect the trajectory of the project. Construction materials, building plans, and even the tendencies of nature should all be included in the planning of the project in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project and lessen the potential issues that it may come across while ongoing.

In every construction project, soil erosion is one of the most important and impactful natural processes that every project manager should not ignore. If not given the proper attention, soil erosion can pose significant negative threats to the entire construction project. This can become a huge issue in every construction, but especially home construction projects where the structure is guaranteed to be always occupied.

The importance of considering soil erosion in construction can not be understated. Soil erosion can impact both the structural integrity of the construction and the ability of the building to sustain its structure in the long run. In this article, we will discuss what soil erosion is, what causes it, and some of the impacts of soil erosion on construction projects to give reasons as to why homeowners should know of it during their home construction projects.

What Is Soil Erosion And What Causes It?

A natural process, soil erosion can be described as the crumbling of soil particles due to external forces such as wind and water. Usually, soil erosion happens gradually, with movement so slow that the erosion itself can only be observed slowly. However, other external causes can cause soil erosion to happen faster, such as floods, earthquakes, and human activities such as building construction, where excavation of the soil is often required.

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Grading, which is the reshaping of the land at the construction site, is one of the biggest causes of soil erosion in home construction. During grading, a lot of vegetation is uprooted from the ground. When the plants are intact, their roots keep the ground level and solid, because they hold the soil intact. But when the roots are removed, the soil can crumble and cause the soil to erode easier. 

Why Is Soil Erosion An Important Factor To Consider In Home Construction?

Considering soil erosion in home renovations is important because it can prevent multiple issues that can occur before, during, and after the construction. A construction project that has prepared well, anticipated, and prevented the movement of the soil underneath the construction and around the structure’s reinforcements will greatly help with the structure’s sturdy foundation and keep its durability for an extended period. Below are other benefits that homeowners can achieve when considering soil erosion and providing the solutions they may need to prevent soil erosion from affecting the construction project. 

Reduced Need In Cleaning Culverts And Drains 

A well-maintained home construction project can drastically lessen the soil that spreads inside and around the vicinity of the construction project. This lessens the need for construction professionals to clean the area and rid of displaced soil. It also lessens the need for clearing up nearby culverts or drains that may be present in the area. By preventing this, homeowners do not have to allocate their finances to scheduling clean-ups, ultimately saving time and money. 

Preventing Water Pollution In a Main Water Source

Controlling soil erosion in construction sites can also affect individuals outside of the project. When soil erosion is not properly managed, the soil that escapes the site can reach the area’s main water source, and contaminate the water. A contaminated main water source can also affect the biodiversity of the area as it can negatively affect microscopic organisms in the water, and the flora and fauna that rely on this source. 

Soil Erosion In Home Construction Projects

While soil erosion is a natural occurrence, it should be controlled during a home construction project, or any infrastructure project that requires excavation. Soil erosion can greatly affect the structure of the building, and the sturdiness required for it to withstand external forces. During home construction projects, both project managers and homeowners should know of the effects of soil erosion on their projects and apply the necessary preventative measures required to lessen the effects of soil erosion on the project.



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