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Safety Tips: Construction During the Rainy Season

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Construction projects can take months to complete and some of them happen during the rainy season. Since building during the rainy season is sometimes needed, it’s essential to be very careful to not jeopardize the safety of the workers and the quality of the project.

That said, here are some construction safety tips that you can practice during the rainy season.

Safety Tips for Construction During the Rainy Season

Identify Safety Risks

Since there are a lot of materials, machines, and equipment on a construction site, many things can pose a risk to its overall safety. Identifying safety risks, such as being aware of the changes in the weather, is important so we can take steps to ensure the workers’ safety. Contractors and supervisors need to be updated with weather forecasts and reports of the site location and its surrounding areas so they can keep tabs on weather patterns. Having access to up-to-date weather reports also helps so they can take steps against water damage and have an action plan in case the weather gets too harsh.

Plan and Prepare

The key to a successful construction site is planning and preparation. Contractors and supervisors, after identifying safety risks, should have a plan prepared for the rainy season. This is to make sure that the workers and equipment are safe when the rain pours. It also helps to have a plan made, establishing a smooth workflow at the construction site.

Preparation also includes making sure that we store properly all equipment when not in use and that all workers are aware of any plans made for the rainy season.

Plan Transportation Routes Ahead

The rainy season causes bad traffic jams anywhere in the city and some construction projects are time-sensitive. Any materials need to be delivered on time to avoid delays. It’s best to identify the best routes for trucks and other transportation for workers and materials to help them beat the traffic as best they can. It also helps the project to stay on schedule.

Use Waterproof Gear

Since it’s possible to still continue construction work despite the rainy season, it’s essential for workers to have protective gear that’ll help them through it. Using waterproof protective gear not only helps to keep the workers dry, but it provides them with the protection that they need while working.

Apart from being waterproof, the gear should also be slip-proof to prevent them from falling. Protective gear should also be able to protect them from the cold and other health concerns during the rainy season.

Practice Caution When Working with Concrete

For most projects, it’s best to have the structure’s foundation up before the rainy season completely starts, but where it’s unavoidable, working with concrete during the season is also fine but it requires the proper equipment and experience.

Make sure that the construction site has a proper dewatering pump or drainage system. This both ensures that water is removed from the footings and helps to eliminate puddles around the site, which might cause damage or accidents. As with any construction material or equipment, always practice caution when using them to not cause any damage to the site.

Ensure that Electrical Equipment is Protected and Maintained

Electrical equipment, including live wires and steel structures, can pose a risk during the rainy season – especially during thunderstorms. It is important to remain cautious around them during work. Any live wires and other electrical equipment should be maintained and kept properly when not in use. Also, try to avoid using them during the rainy season to avoid the dangers of exposure.

Move with Caution

Practice extra caution when working during the rainy season. While the rainy season might make workers want to work faster to get out of the rain, it’s better to work deliberately and slowly as surfaces can be slippery when the rain pours.

Make Instant Repairs

If the rain damages certain areas of the site, make sure that they are repaired when the rain stops. This is especially important for concrete surfaces because they can get compromised during the rainy season. If you think that an area has been compromised, make sure that you do necessary assessments and repairs when the rain stops to ensure the quality of your work and so that the area isn’t at risk of further damage.

It always helps to practice extra caution during the rainy season. Ensure that the workers, equipment, and materials are adequately protected from any risks while work is being done. It also pays to brief workers on any safety precautions and procedures that need to be followed while they’re working during the rainy season. It’s always important to stay safe and dry during the rainy season.


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