Reminders for Renewing License Applications with PCAB

Reminders for Renewing License Applications with PCAB

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For contractors under the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) looking to renew their license applications, it’s best to come prepared. Here are some important reminders when processing your license applications. Follow these to ensure the renewal process is smooth and hassle-free.

  • Contractors are encouraged to file their renewal of regular license applications as early as January 3, 2019 or on/before the scheduled filing date (Board Resolution No. 376, s. 2014). See below for your assigned date:
Last Digit of License NumberFiling Month
0February 1-14
1February 15-28
2March 1-15
3March 16-31
4April 1-15
5April 16-30
6May 1-15
7May 16-31
8 and new license approved from January to MarchJune 1-15
9 and new license approved from April to JuneJune 16-30
  • Download the latest application forms on the official website of the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP): PCAB will only accept application forms published from the CIAP official website.
  • Contractors who will be filing their renewal application on or before April 15 can use the Audited Financial Statements (AFS) submitted previously.
  • The required Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) and Audited Financial Statement (AFS), which should have been duly filed with the BIR for preceding taxable year, can be submitted on or before the release date of the renewed license certificate.
  • If the contractor fails to meet the qualifications based on the current AFS for its present category, the license category will be downgraded to the next lower sustainable category.
  • Contractors who will be filing their renewal applications beyond the assigned filing schedule will need to pay an Additional Processing Fee (APF) of P5,000.
  • If the renewal application is filed after June 30, an Additional License Fee (ALF) of P5,000 will also be imposed. This results in a total of P10,000 on top of the basic renewal fees for each category.

If you will be filing for renewal of your license application online, here are some additional reminders for you.

  • Filing license and registration applications thru Online CLiRS is still mandatory for contractors under categories “AA, “AAA” and “AAAA”. The applications for these categories shall not be accepted at the PCAB Office or CIAP Windows.
  • Contractors under categories “A” to “E/Trade” can file their license and registration application at the PCAB Office. They may also file at the nearest DTI Regional / Provincial Office and/or CIAP Window.
  • PCAB renewal applications for CFY 2018-2019 must be encoded/accomplished completely to prevent issues in filing renewal applications for CFY 2019-2020.
  • Detail the comprehensive and complete work experience of newly/previously nominated STEs on the constructor’s portal account.
  • The system computed work experience of STE (only encoded work experience) will be the basis of final technical recommendation, disregarding the current STE work experience.

Remembering all of these pointers is crucial in ensuring you don’t encounter any problems in the application process. Make sure that before you file for an application, you’ve already addressed each and every item so you’re not caught off-guard at any sudden problems that may pop up.

UPDATE: PCAB License: Applying for a License in 2022


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