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Project Update: Government Road Infrastructure Projects

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As the Philippines continuously make advancements in economic progress, the country is seeing government infrastructural undertakings take place in many major cities. These building projects go in line with the slow but steadily improving quality of life in the Philippines. With such development, the Philippine government is working on catering to the increasing number of Filipinos who require better public facilities such as hospitals, public parks, airports, and, of course, road infrastructures.


Pledging a significant 20% of its entire 2023 budget to infrastructures, the current administration plans to oversee multiple road constructions to make major cities and provinces in the nation more accessible to both local and international endeavors. With its promise to continue and further improve the previous administration’s Build, Build, Build Program, the Marcos administration is set to oversee thousands of building projects this 2023, with two-thousand four hundred fifty-two projects under the Department of Public Works And Highways alone.


Some of these infrastructure projects are handed to the current administration but the previous leadership, resulting in various statuses of completion. Regardless, thousands of road construction are underway this 2023, with a number of them set for completion in the following year. Below are some of the most significant government road infrastructure projects currently underway.


Dingalan-Doña Remedios Trinidad Road (Aurora – Bulacan)


Image from the Philippine Information Agency


With an estimated cost of 26.12 billion pesos, the Dingalan-Doña Remedios Trinidad Road project is set to connect the provinces of Aurora and the municipality of General Nakar, which is located near Bulacan and the Quezon province. The major road infrastructure is expected to extend 68.04 kilometers in length, opening the area to major cities. The purpose of the Aurora-Bulacan Road is to make the transportation and exchange of products easier and more efficient between the two areas.


San Ildefonso-San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road (Bulacan) & Capas-Botolan Road (Tarlac & Zambalez)


San Ildefonso-San Rafael-San Miguel Bypass Road


The San Ildefonso-San Rafel-San Miguel Bypass Road located in Bulacan and the Capas-Botolan Road connecting Tarlac and Zambales are both active construction projects s of 2023. The DPWH states that both projects are also with expected to be completed by 2025. The Capas-Botolan road project is set to make the travel from Manila to Zambales and Pangasinan faster than before.


The Capas-Botolan Road | Image from


Pampanga Southern Bypass Road Project (LGMST/Lubao-Guagua-Minalin-Sto. Tomas) & Pahilan-Mabiga-Morong-SBMA Access Road (Bataan)


A road construction project with the aim of improving the connectivity between Pampanga towns is currently in the works. The project is also said to have the aim to lessen the congestion of the traffic that usually takes place on Pampanga’s major roads, which include Manila North Road and Jose Abad Santos Avenue.


Pampanga Southern Bypass Road Project | Image from SUNSTAR


The LGMST Bypass, also known as the Pampanga Southern Bypass Road Project, is said to have begun construction last 2018. The latest update on the project comes from the February 2023 statement of the DPWH Regional Director, who states that the LGMST Bypass Road is “in full swing.” The latest statistics of the project which was released in 2022’s mid-year update, declared that the Lubao-Guagua division has already reached 68% completion while the Minalin-Sto. Tomas section has reached 77% completion.


As for the SBMA Access Road that started in 2021, the DPWH Regional Director that road construction is still in the works. Its earlier projects, including the Remy Field Complex and the Canal Road were completed two years ago.


Pahilan-Mabiga-Morong-SBMA Access Road | Image from DPWH


The Current Administration’s Build, Better, More


With the Marcos administration’s goal of continuing the past leadership’s infrastructure projects while increasing the number of projects at hand, the Filipino people are set to experience an improvement in their local travel experience.


The current administration’s hope of drastically improving the travel situation in the country is not limited to creating roads to lessen the constant issue of traffic congestion on many major roads of the Philippines. While that aspect may be a big reason for many of the current government’s road projects, the increase of highways and connecting roads are also meant to enhance the transportation of goods and materials between cities and provinces. With this improvement, local businesses will benefit well, and it can also make the country a promising investment spot for foreign enterprises.




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