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PNR Reveals The North-South Commuter Railway Will Be Done By 2028

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The Philippine National Railways (PNR) announced on Sunday that the North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) project is following its schedule and is set to be completed on time by 2028. 


Upon completion, the railway hailed as one of the current administration’s flagship projects, will connect northern Clark Pampanga to southern Calamba, Laguna. The transit system will extend for 147.26 kilometers, with more than 30 stations and 60 eclectic multiple-unit trains that fit the ‘world standards in terms of safety and comfort.’


Image from International Railway Journal


Last year, PNR chair Michael Ted Macapagal announced that the North-South Commuter Railway is expected to be completed within President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s term as part of the president’s dedication to improving the country’s infrastructure. This project highlights the administration’s focus on expanding the country’s public transport and railway network to enhance the country’s accessibility for the benefit of local residents. International tourists and business investors are also to benefit from the improved transit network of the country.  


PNR Reveals The North-South Commuter Railway Will Be Done By 2028

PNR, together with DOTr, are both confident that the NSCR will be completed and fully operational by 2028, just 5 years after the project was launched in partnership with The Asian Development Bank and Japan International Cooperation Agency. The allocated budget for the project was set to  ₱873.62 B. The construction contracts were awarded to Acciona-DMCI and Leighton-First Balfor in 2023.


According to Macapagal, the construction of the NSCR is a significant step that will match the current administration’s promise of fixing the enduring issues of traffic congestion in Metro Manila. The administration’s answer to the issue is the railway project, which will have a total of 37 stations that will cross 28 Luzon municipalities. 


Image from Philippine News Agency


“A fleet of 60 electric multiple unit trains, each of which is at par with world standards in terms of safety and comfort, stand ready to serve commuters,” said Macapagal. “[the NSCR and the Metro Manila Subway] will “ease, if not totally eliminate, traffic woes in and out of the metropolis.”

Once the train becomes operational, the PNR chief estimates that 800,000 passengers will be able to utilize the railway system comfortably. Most of the travel estimates are cut in half once the NSCR is completed. According to DOTr’s website, the NSCR is cut into three segments: the PNR Clark Phase 1, which will run from Tutuban to Malolos; the PNR Clark Phase 2, which will connect Malolos to Clark; and PNR Calamba, which will connect Calamba to Solis Street in Tondo. Below are the adjusted estimated travel times, according to DOTr’s website. 

PNR Clark Phase 1

Consisting of 10 stations, the PNR Clark 1 Phase will extend for 37.6 kilometers from Malolos, Bulacan to Tutuban, Manila. The adjusted travel time is expected to be cut from 1 hour and 30 minutes to just 35 minutes. 

PNR Clark Phase 2

The PNR Clark Phase 2 is positioned to connect Makati City to the Clark International Airport through the first-ever Airport Railway Express Service. The Clark Phase 2 will extend for 53 kilometers and will cut the Makati to Clark International Airport from 2 to 3 hours to just a little over 50 minutes. 

PNR Calamba

The PNR Calamba section is a 56-kilometer train line connecting Manila to Laguna. Estimated travel time using the NSCR is significantly reduced from 4 hours to just an hour. 


Building Better Railways For The Philippines

Image from North South Commuter Railway Extension Project


The NSCR is only one of the many flagship projects meant to enhance the notorious traffic situation in the Philippines. Apart from the NSCR, the Metro Manila Subway is also under construction. This project is expected to be completed and fully operational by 2029. 


“NSCR is only a start,” said Macapagal. “The president is also eyeing the construction of the North Long Haul, the South Long Haul, the Panay Railway, North Mindanao Railway, and San Mateo Railway, all spanning a total of 1,024 kilometers.” 



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