Magkano Nga Ba Ang Salary Ng Construction Professionals sa Middle East? - Pinoy Builders

Magkano Nga Ba Ang Salary Ng Construction Professionals sa Middle East?

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Globally recognized as one of the richest regions in the world, the Middle East is full of opportunities for many professionals. Consisting of countries with advanced technologies and towering skyscrapers, there is no doubt that construction industries in Middle Eastern countries are some of the most profitable landscapes in the world. Because of this, hopeful Filipino construction professionals who want to experience working in the prosperous construction industries of the Middle East are always searching for opportunities that can open doors to a financially secure future. 

The State of Construction Industries In Middle Eastern Countries

Many countries in the Middle East are experiencing significant growth in their construction industries. According to Global Newswire, the entirety of the Middle East construction market is valued at US$1.9 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 6.3% by the end of the decade. Apart from the significant growth, the trajectory of the Middle Eastern construction market gunning towards the development of sustainable technologies and materials that reduce environmental impact while enhancing energy efficiency is one of the most profitable initiatives in the modern construction market.


Many overseas Filipino workers support the resurgence of the Middle Eastern construction industry or OFWs. According to the Manila Bulletin, Filipino construction professionals gained dominance once more in the United Arab Emirates construction industry just last year, with architects, engineers, and designers working in the Middle Eastern country and developing both the Philippine and the Middle Eastern construction landscape. Because of this, working in the region under construction has become more and more attractive to Filipino construction professionals once more. For those who are seeking to secure a career in the construction industry in the Middle East, the profitability of the work landscape is one of the most attractive factors to consider. 


Salary of Construction Professionals in The Top 4 Richest Middle Eastern Countries

Image from Gulf News

According to data released by the World Bank, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are the top 4 wealthiest countries in the Middle East. Below are the average salaries for construction jobs in these 4 countries. 


Saudi Arabia

Average Salary of Construction Professionals In Saudi ArabiaAverage Salary Per Hour Average Salary Per Year
Architects SAR 100SAR 206,981
Civil EngineerSAR 114SAR 236,899
Mechanical EngineerSAR 111SAR 230,031
Geodetic EngineerSAR 78SAR 163,230
Electrical EngineerSAR 113SAR 235,576
General/Maintenance CarpenterSAR 55SAR 114,535
Brick MasonSAR 56SAR 116,245
PlumberSAR 61SAR 126,743

Source: ERI Economic Research Institute


United Arab Emirates 

Average Salary of Construction Professionals In the United Arab Emirates Average Salary Per MonthAverage Salary Per Year
Architects 17,200 AED206,000 AED
Civil Engineer14,125 AED152,000 AED
Mechanical Engineer21,225 AED254,700 AED
Geodetic EngineerNo consistent dataNo consistent data
Electrical Engineer14,700 AED176,000 AED 
General/Maintenance CarpenterNo consistent data84,560 AED 
Brick Mason2,760 AED33,100 AED 
Plumber4,090 AED49,100 AED

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, World Salaries, Salary Explorer



Average Salary of Construction Professionals In Kuwait Average Salary Per HourAverage Salary Per Year
Architects KWD 9KWD 18,940
Civil EngineerKWD 7 KWD 14,100
Mechanical EngineerKWD 7 KWD 14,600
Geodetic EngineerKWD 7KWD 12,020
Electrical EngineerKWD 5 KWD 9,740
General/Maintenance CarpenterKWD 3 KWD 6,080
Brick MasonKWD 2KWD 4,190
PlumberKWD 2KWD 5,140

Source: Salary Explorer



Average Salary of Construction Professionals In Qatar Average Salary Per HourAverage Salary Per Year
Architects QAR 154QAR 119,406
Civil EngineerQAR 79QAR 101,122
Mechanical EngineerQAR 58QAR 96,675
Geodetic EngineerQAR 47QAR 77,994
Electrical EngineerQAR 65QAR 83,546
General/Maintenance CarpenterQAR 23QAR 32,772
Brick MasonQAR 31QAR 31,150
PlumberQAR 31QAR 36,324

Source: Indeed


A Bright Future For Filipino Construction Professionals In Middle East

Image from Construction Week Online

Construction industries in the Middle East are positioned to achieve significant growth in the years to come. With many opportunities lining up, many Filipino construction professionals are hoping to secure a steady career in the financially prolific region of the Middle East. With the right qualifications and the Filipino fighting spirit, the Middle Eastern construction market can be a big stepping stone towards success for many Filipinos. 



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