Home Improvement for the Holidays: Here’s What to Expect in this Month’s Editorial

Home Improvement for the Holidays: Here’s What to Expect in this Month’s Editorial

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This much time spent indoors i0s completely unexpected.

Due to lockdowns, homemakers were able to devote their attention solely to their families. You’ll have more time to think about how to improve your house because of this. Each person realized how efficient and orderly their living environment is when all of their family members are there.


With less time spent outdoors, many homeowners began home improvement projects. Cleaning, purging, and reorganizing became the trend. As with home improvements, keeping plants as pets also rose to popularity: Plantitas/Plantitos were born. All these appealed to one’s inner interior designer.

Home improvement projects and the advantages they provide received a lot of positive feedback.


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The National Home Renovation Survey revealed the five of the finest home improvement ideas. According to real estate experts (respondents), the following five home improvements are the ideal for home sellers and homeowners who wish to give their property a fresh look nationwide.

  1. Cleaning and decluttering. It’s the most popular thing to do. This home improvement project provides a high end value at a low cost, making it an excellent investment. For a fresher ambiance, clean the windows and install curtain blinds. Remove clutter from furniture. Organize closets. These are only a few of the activities that are included in the cleaning process. Young couple painting walls Free Photo

  2. Lighting and brightening. By ensuring windows can be opened easily, cleaning them inside and out, replacing outdated curtains with new ones with simple designs, removing obstacles that could potentially block the light from windows, and repairing light fixtures, this activity marked the importance of having enough lighting and ventilation.

  3. Plumbing and electrical update. Surveys say that plumbing and electrical systems both rank third and are critical to the safety of a home. As part of the plumbing work, you’ll need to fix or replace any leaky faucet stems or faucet handles, check for damaged or corroded pipes under the bathroom or kitchen sinks, and make sure toilets are working properly. If you’re undertaking any electrical work, use caution and hire a professional if you’re not familiar with the techniques. Verify and maybe update the electrical wiring; ensure that the wiring is uncluttered (do not have hanging cables); check for non-working lights and outlets for replacement; the doorbell should also work.

  4. Landscaping. When it comes to landscaping, maintenance includes things like raking leaves and weeds, cutting back bushes and trees, adding flowers and shrubs for added curb appeal, and watering lawns and plants. It is one of the best home renovation projects as it increases the value of the property while also creating a pleasant ambience. Photography of Pathway Surrounded by Plants

  5. Staging. This has similarities to decluttering as it seeks to improve cleanliness and order in the home or office environment. It is all about clearing out personal belongings to make room for new furniture, reducing clutter through cleaning activities, and, if possible, adding new furniture to improve room appearance while also clearing out bulky display cases and hanging artworks on the walls to brighten the space.


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That said, here’s what you can expect from the Pinoy Builders editorial this month.

  • Problem with clogged toilets? Toilet clogs always seem to occur at the worst possible time. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a plumber to unclog most clogs–you can do it yourself!

From above of crop anonymous person in rubber gloves using soapy sponge while cleaning toilet bowl

  • Tiles on the floor becoming loose? Fortunately, replacing loose tiles does not have to be costly or time-consuming.

  • Do you have a flat roof? Is it cracking? Your flat roof will need to be replaced or repaired at some point throughout the life of your house. Finding out whether a flat roof only needs minor repairs or if it must be replaced might be difficult.

  • Have you ever noticed that your wall paint starts to bubble and blister just a few weeks after you applied it?

Person Holding Paint Roller On Wall

  • Find out if your home has been damaged by wood rot, as this hidden problem could lead to the collapse of your home.


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If any of these are causing you anxiety throughout your home renovation, you’ve come to the right place since we’ll provide answers to these and other household issues!

Got other construction-related questions? Share your thoughts with us.




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