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Entering Your PlanTita Era: Basic Gardening Tools And Their Uses

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Summer does not seem to end in the Philippines, and many people prefer to enjoy relaxing hobbies and activities rather than going out under the sweltering heat of the sun. If you’re one of the many people who opt for indoor or under-the-shade activities like gardening, you are not alone. Many people have picked up gardening as a hobby, especially during the pandemic lockdown. Now, many people continue to practice gardening, affectionately calling themselves ‘plantitas’ and ‘plantitos’. 

Gardening is a relaxing activity, indeed. But to avoid mistakes and dying plants, it’s still best to equip yourself with the right gardening tools to get the job done correctly. One thing to remember about gardening is that you will still be dealing with living organisms, despite their usual association as home decorations. If you’re planning to begin gardening and start your ‘plantita’ era, having the right tools by your side will surely make the activity more enjoyable. 


In this article, we will discuss the importance of finding the right gardening tools and enumerate the most basic types of equipment needed for the activity. We will also share some useful tips for gardening beginners who want to enter their plantita era!


Entering Your Plantita Era: All The Basic Gardening Tools and Their Uses

Finding the right gardening tools is important to get the job done right. Similar to other hobbies like DIY home renovations and projects, having the right tools helps complete the task with precision, safety, and ease. Below are the reasons why finding the right gardening tools is the best way to keep you safe and your plants healthy. 

Plant Health

Proper tools ensure plant health by facilitating correct planting depths, precise pruning, and effective maintenance that promote healthy growth while reducing the spread of plant disease. A simple wrong cut or insufficient soil depth can negatively affect a plant. Using the right tools can avoid the chances of providing an unsuitable environment for your plant. 

Personal Safety

Ergonomically designed tools reduce strain and the risk of injuries such as blisters, cuts, and back pain. Therefore, investing in quality gardening tools improves garden care and safeguards the gardener’s well-being.

Efficiency and Ease

Finding the right tools enhances efficiency and ease in gardening. By having the right tools with the right functions, tasks like digging, weeding, and pruning can be done quickly and become less labor-intensive.


Basic Gardening Tools and Their Uses

1. Gloves 

Gloves are the ultimate tools for gardening enthusiasts who are just beginning their plantita journey. Gloves are an essential part of gardening for many reasons. Some of the most important include health, hygiene, protection from injuries, and extended hand care. 

Uses of Gardening Gloves

  • Planting and transplanting
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Weeding
  • Soil work
  • Handling chemicals (like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers)
  • General maintenance (hand protection for raking, mulching, and composting)


2. Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are the ultimate versatile tool for every gardener, regardless if they’re a beginner or not. It helps in precise scooping, transplanting, and other variety of gardening tasks. 

Uses of Gardening Gloves

  • Digging small holes (for planting seeds, seedlings, or bulbs)
  • Weeding
  • Transplanting
  • Soil mixing (can also be used for mixing compost, fertilizers, and other plant amendments)
  • Depth measurement (common hand trowels have a measurement marked on it)
  • Scooping
  • Clean edges around the garden beds or walkways 


3. Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle/ Watering Wand

You will need watering equipment even if you’re taking care of a cactus! Garden hoses with adjustable nozzles or simple watering wands are useful tools for every gardener. They are versatile, help in water conservation, and reduce the strain on a gardener’s hands, wrists, and back. 

Uses of  Adjustable Nozzle/ Watering Wand

  • Deep root watering
  • Cleaning garden tools
  • Seedling and delicate plant care (for plants that require less soil disturbance)
  • Washing off pests
  • Reaching inaccessible areas


4. Moisture meter

Monitoring and managing soil content is important in gardening since it is crucial for the health and growth of plants. 

Uses of Moisture Meter

  • Water estimation
  • Water conservation
  • Soil drainage diagnosis
  • Plant health monitoring
  • Fertilizer application


5. Grow Lights 

Using grow lights is necessary for plantitas and plantitos who want to grow plants in an area that may lack natural sunlight, but they can also be used by gardeners who want to provide supplemental lighting to their plants. 

Uses of Grow Lights 

  • Extend the growing season
  • Environmental control (helps control temperature, humidity, light intensity)
  • Provide artificial sunlight to indoor plants


Beginner Tips for Gardeners

Gardening is often considered a relaxing hobby that anybody without prior knowledge can dabble in. However, the truth is that there is importance in gathering basic information in gardening before picking up your hand trowel and digging away. Below are some of the most helpful tips for beginner gardeners. 

Start small

Your dream garden may include rows and rows of magnolias and orchids, but this does not happen without practice. As a beginner plantita, take your time and start with a small patch of land—you can even begin with a single potted plant. Starting small with a manageable space helps avoid becoming overwhelmed with the project. 

Choose the right plant

Every gardener must be aware that certain plants require certain environments. Therefore, it is important to avoid adopting a plant if you live in an unsuitable environment without the intention of replicating the conditions that they need. 

Know the requirements of your plant

If you do choose to adopt a plant that requires specific conditions that do not naturally occur in your area, it is important to know what the plant requires so that you can replicate its living conditions. Find the right soil, temperature, and moisture conditions that your plant/s might need so that they can thrive under your care. 

Maintain your plant regularly

Plants do grow on their own, but if they live in controlled environments like a garden or a park, it is part of the gardener’s responsibility to maintain them regularly. Keep up with pruning, weeding, and monitoring of your plant’s health to help it grow properly. 


Entering Your Plantita Era

Gardening is a fun hobby that anybody can practice all year round. Much like with many other hobbies, you can learn as you go in gardening—but it is still helpful to enter your plantita era with basic knowledge and tools to help you start your journey right. By being equipped with the basic gardening tools and the tips that we shared, you can begin to grow your dream garden, one plant at a time. 



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