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DPWH Gives Up Metro Cebu Expressway To Cebu Capitol

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The Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) has officially withdrawn the Metro Cebu Expressway (MCE) from its Infrastructure Flagship Programs (IFPs) and will allow Cebu’s authority to continue the project through a public-private partnership program (PPP). 


According to Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia on Saturday, a letter was sent to her by the DPWH, informing her that the government agency has chosen to delist the major expressway project from its IFPs.


The letter, officially delivered by Atty. Arjay Peralta of the DPWH Public-Private Partnership Service Office also noted that the letter symbolizes DPWH’s full support and belief that Cebu’s Capitol is capable of spearheading such a large-scale project. 

“Nandun po yung kahalagahan din po na ma-recognize natin yung kakayahan ng local government na mag-implement po ng ganong project,” Peralta said.


Peralta also acknowledged the importance of the Local Government Unit’s participation in searching for funding to complete the program. 


“The participation of the local government is very important in the sense that on their own, they can ask for investors or they can look for any proponents who want to implement this project,” Peralta added.


Signed by National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) chief Arsenio Balisacan and Public-Private Partnership Center (PPPC) Executive Director Ma. Cynthia Hernandez, the letter is meant to be DPWH’s official gesture of support for Cebu’s bid to oversee the completion of the Metro Cebu Expressway through whichever means they see appropriate, such as a Capitol-led public-private partnership. 


“This is to respectfully inform (you) that the Department (DPWH) is delisting the MCE project from the list of Priority Infrastructure Flagship Programs (IFPs) / Public Investment Program (PIP),” DPWH Secretary Manuel Bonoan said in his letter.


Cebu Capitol To Lead The Completion of the Metro Cebu Expressway

The Metro Cebu Expressway (MCE), which began in July 2018, is a 56.9 km long ‘high standard arterial toll road’ that will stretch from Naga City to Danao City. According to the DPWH’s website, the project is divided into four segments: Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 3A, and Segment 3B. A total of ₱1.3B has already been spent to reach MCE’s current status of 97.13% completion.


The MCE is more than just a feat of engineering for the Cebu metropolitan. Similar to other IFPs in Metro Manila, the MCE is meant to reduce the increasing issues of traffic congestion in the area. Cebu City and other neighboring cities and municipalities are continuously growing, and the demand for better, more efficient ways of transportation is essential not just to fulfill logistical issues in the region but also to provide a resolution to economic issues caused by constant traffic in Metro Cebu. 


Earlier, Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia had already expressed interest in spearheading the completion of the MCE project. According to Garcia, the Cebu provincial government is ready to look for sponsors and partnerships that will complete the project without relying on IFP funds. She also stated that the local government of Cebu is in the best position to lead the project since they are in closer proximity to LGUs and thus can implement a streamlined process that will increase the efficiency of the construction of MCE. 



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