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Can Wall Cladding Cool Your Home?: The Best Wall Cladding Styles Rid of Heat

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Maintaining a comfortable temperature in our homes is essential for our well-being. This is especially true during the extreme weather conditions that we are currently experiencing in the country. One of the most often overlooked yet impactful aspects of home design in temperature regulation is wall cladding. 


In this article, we will discuss what wall cladding is and how it can cool homes. We will also feature some of the most effective wall cladding designs and styles that can keep the heat out while bringing the temperature down inside your home. 


Can Wall Cladding Cool Your Home?: The Best Wall Cladding Styles Rid of Heat

Walls provide privacy and security for your home. While walls provide some of the most basic functions of a house, it can also serve other purposes with additional installations. 


Wall cladding refers to the practice of applying a protective layer over the exterior walls of a structure. For homes, wall cladding goes far beyond what is aesthetically pleasing. Wall cladding fulfills the crucial functions of thermal insulation and weather protection. Depending on the type of wall cladding, a home’s ability to reduce indoor temperature and withstand extreme dry or wet weather conditions greatly increases. 


How Exactly Does Wall Cladding Cool Your Home?

There are many different types of wall cladding, and each type can be made of different combinations of materials. The heat reflection of certain wall claddings is directly linked to its ability to reduce heat absorption. For example, wall claddings with light-colored surfaces can reflect the heat from sunlight, therefore reducing the heat that travels through the walls and into the home. Below are some examples of wall cladding styles that can help reduce the temperature in your home. 


Types of Wall Cladding That Can Keep Your Home Cool

1. Light-Colored Reflective Cladding

Light-colored reflective cladding is typically made from materials like aluminum or light-colored paint. Light-colored reflective cladding can decrease the level of heat in your home by keeping it out in the first place. The reflective feature of this cladding works by decreasing the amount of heat that will enter the home. 


Light-colored materials also tend to emit less heat compared to their darker counterparts. This means that even when heat is absorbed by this type of wall cladding, it is less likely to be transported into the interior of the home. 


2. Green Wall Cladding

Green wall cladding, also known as living wall systems, can help decrease heat in homes through its insulation, evapotranspiration, and shading features. By combining these features, green wall cladding can reduce the heat load in a building and reduce the need for a mechanical cooling system, thus creating a more comfortable indoor environment while providing energy savings and environmental benefits at the same time. 


3. Wood/Fibre-Cement Cladding

Wood cladding, or any other cladding design that utilizes lightweight cladding materials, has the combined benefits of light-colored, reflective cladding and green wall cladding. Wood and other lightweight material-made wall claddings have insulation, ventilation, reflectivity, and shading features, making them some of the most efficient types of wall cladding for cooling your home.


Installing Wall Cladding To Color Your Home

Installing wall cladding is an effective way to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of homes. Be sure to choose the right cladding style and material based on your home’s location and climate, as well as your personal budget considerations. Overall, any wall cladding can significantly change the comfort level of a home by regulating temperature. Homeowners can also opt for interior wall cladding, which can also provide the same heat regulation properties as exterior wall cladding.


As the Philippines continues to experience record-breaking levels of heat, Filipino homeowners can explore wall-cladding options to create a cooler and more comfortable living space for themselves and their families.



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