Building a Legacy: Pinoy Builders Marks 5 Years of Construction Excellence and Sustainable Progress - Pinoy Builders

Building a Legacy: Pinoy Builders Marks 5 Years of Construction Excellence and Sustainable Progress

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5 years and counting!

As Pinoy Builders celebrates its fifth year, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all our ka-Builders who follow, support, and stay alongside our amazing journey as we continue to learn more and enjoy every nook and cranny of the construction industry. 


We could not have conquered 5 years without our ka-Builders. Thank you!


Welcoming The 5th Year 

Standing as a beacon of knowledge in the construction industry since 2019, Pinoy Builders continues to report on innovation, efficiency, and construction excellence. In our modern world, sustainability is unquestionably important. To support the green revolution, Pinoy Builders consistently stands as a champion of eco-friendly practices and responsible development in the industry. 


Our mission for the following years is to continue redefining the industry standards we currently know. But today, as we welcome our fifth year, let’s look back to celebrate our groundbreaking achievements and future endeavors that support our steadfast commitment to promoting sustainability and innovative construction solutions. 


Pinoy Builders Reaches New Heights

Pinoy Builders has proven itself once again as the Philippines’ Number 1 construction website in the country. With our content programs designed to educate and empower the local construction community, Pinoy Builders continues to be the country’s go-to source of everything related to the industry. 


The year 2024 was significant for us. In our fifth year, Pinoy Builders significantly expanded its reach, attaining digital connections with millions and millions of construction professionals, skilled workers, academics, and DIY enthusiasts, helping them to learn more about the development and other essentials in the construction industry.


For our 5th year, Pinoy Builders expresses our gratitude to our 110,000 online followers who have helped us achieve 30,000 newsletter subscribers, 4 million website visitors, and over 14 million reach on our social media platforms.


Expanding Pinoy Builder Community Through Successful Webinars

Pinoy Builders celebrates its increased outreach and impact by hosting successful Builder’s Corner webinars in collaboration with key industry leaders. These webinars have not only facilitated knowledge exchange but also fostered a stronger sense of community among construction professionals and enthusiasts in the Philippines.


The notable partnerships with esteemed organizations such as PCAB (Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board), CMDF (Construction Manpower Development Foundation), and DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways) have been instrumental in the success of these webinars. 


Builder’s Corner: Why Do We Need PCAB License? Understanding The Process and Get Better Chances of Approval

This year, Pinoy Builders opened the stage to Eng. Sergie Retome and Atty. Herbert Matienzo in a collaboration with PCAB. During the insightful panel discussion, viewers gained knowledge of what a PBAB license is and its importance in the construction industry in the Philippines. Our fellow ka-Builder and field expert Engr. Edward Reyes co-hosted the webinar. 


Builder’s Corner #2: Enhancing the Next Generation of Construction Professionals

Pinoy Builders collaborated with CMDF to support the next generation of leaders in the Philippines’ construction industry. With CMDF Officer-In-Charge Ofelia R. Usigan, Pinoy Builders imparted knowledge on CMDF seminars and programs such as the ECOMTCP (Enhanced Construction Manager’s Training & Certification Program). 


Builder’s Corner #3: From Procurement to Safety! Understand the Process and Policies for Government Infrastructure!

To share knowledge on the government infrastructure bidding process, Pinoy Builders had the honor to speak with DPWH Bureau of Design Civil Engineer Engr. Estephen Pajarillo, DPWH Procurement Office Director Ma. Victoria Gregorio, and DPWH Bureau of Quality and Safety Civil Engineer Judith Tagle. The fascinating collaboration clarified how a government infrastructure project bidding works and the essential policies enacted during the process.


By joining forces with such reputable institutions, Pinoy Builders has been able to deliver high-quality content, expert insights, and valuable resources to its audience. These successful collaborations helped elevate the viewer’s overall educational experience and development opportunities available to hopeful construction professionals.


Building A Bright Future For The Philippine Construction Industry

Fostering the growth of Pinoy Builders is no easy feat, and we could not do it without the support of each and every valuable ka-Builder. 


In the next 5 years, Pinoy Builders will continue to build a future where environmental consciousness and economic growth go hand in hand. We envision a construction industry that thrives harmoniously with a growing society and the beauty of the natural world.


Pinoy Builders has effectively positioned itself as a leading platform for learning, networking, and skill enhancement within the construction industry. As we work towards our objective, we will continue to deliver news and innovations to the local construction community.


Once again, thank you for allowing us to be your trusted go-to website for all things construction. 


Let’s continue to work together to create a sustainable industry for the next generation of construction leaders!

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