Build You Career Now: CPD Seminars for Construction Professionals in Q3 2024 - Pinoy Builders

Build You Career Now: CPD Seminars for Construction Professionals in Q3 2024

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The Philippine construction industry is a constant state of flux, driven by innovation, evolving regulations, and ever-changing client demands.  For construction professionals, simply relying on past experience won’t guarantee long-term success. That’s where Continuing Professional Development (CPD) comes in.


This quarter, Filipino construction professionals have a golden opportunity to future-proof their careers by attending a series of targeted CPD seminars designed to address their specific needs.  In this article, we will share available CPD programs for the 3rd quarter of 2024, as well as explore how these seminars can propel your professional growth.


Sharpen Your Skills, Elevate Your Career

A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) point is a unit of measurement used to quantify the time and effort a professional spends on learning and development activities. These points are typically awarded for participation in various CPD activities such as seminars, workshops, courses, and conferences. Here’s a breakdown of what CPD points represent and their significance:


Measurement of Professional Development 

One CPD point often equates to one hour of learning, although this can vary depending on the governing body or organization.


Career Advancement 

Many professional bodies require their members to earn a certain number of CPD points annually to maintain their professional status or certification.


Industry Recognition 

Employers and clients often view CPD as a sign of a professional’s dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.


Skill Enhancement 

By earning CPD points through various learning activities, professionals can acquire new skills, stay updated with the latest industry trends, and improve their performance in their roles.


Compliance and Certification 

In many regulated professions, earning CPD points is mandatory to comply with industry regulations and retain licensure or certification.


CPD Opportunities for Filipino Construction Professionals in Q3 2024

CPD Seminar/Training FeeCPD PointsDate
Green Roof System Design ₱500.002.00 for Risk Management Plan (RMP)

3.0 for Architecture 1.50 for Civil Engineering

July 1, 2024 (Monday), 

6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Soil Exploration Analysis for Engineering Design Utilization₱500.002.50 for Civil EngineeringJuly 2, 2024 


6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Institutionalizing Sustainable Drainage System Design in Urban Planning for Major Cities in the Philippines ₱500.002.00 for Risk Management Plan (RMP)

1.50 for Architecture 1.50 for Civil Engineering

July 3, 2024

6:30 pm -10:30 pm 

Effective Construction Project Quality Assurance & Control Management ₱500.001.50 for Civil Engineering, 

3.00 for  Architecture 

July 4, 2024 (Thursday) 

6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Crack Analysis, Repair and Control in Mass Concrete Structures ₱500.002.00 for Civil EngineeringJuly 5, 2024 


6:30 pm -10:30 pm

Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) for Sustainable Development ₱500.002.00 for Civil EngineeringJuly 06, 2024 (Saturday)

8 am-12 pm

Management & Leadership in Construction Projects ₱500.001.50 for Civil Engineering, 

1.0 for Risk Management Plan, 3.0 for Architecture, 2.0 for Sanitary, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

July 07, 2024


1 pm-5 pm, 

Effective Construction Project Cost Estimates₱500.002.00 for Civil Engineering, 

3.50 for Architecture

July 8, 2024 (Monday)

6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Settlement & Stability Analysis of Foundations Structures₱500.002.00 for Civil Engineering, 

2.00 for Architecture

July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)

6:30 pm -10:30 pm, 

Water Resource Planning in Urban Planning₱500.001.50 for Civil EngineeringJuly 10, 2024 (Wednesday)

6:30 pm-10:30 pm, 

Environmental Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development₱500.002.50 for Civil EngineeringJuly 11, 2024 (Thursday)

6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Cold Water Piping System Design by Chart ₱700.004.00 for Risk Management Plan,

2.0 for Civil Engineering,

2.0 for Arki

July 17, 2024


6:30 pm-10:30 pm

Effective Construction Project Risk Planning & Management ₱500.002.00 for Civil Engineering, 

3.00 for Architecture

June 27, 2024 (Thursday)

6:30 pm-10:30 pm

All programs mentioned above are provided by a CPD PRC-accredited learning center. You can browse more of their available courses here


Professional Development With CPD Seminars

As Q3 approaches, Filipino construction professionals are urged to seize the opportunity presented by these CPD seminars. Investing in one’s career through continuous learning is not just a commitment to personal growth but a strategic move toward sustained success in the competitive construction sector.


Don’t miss out on this chance to propel your career forward. Plan ahead and prioritize your professional development by registering for CPD seminars in Q3 2024 today. Your future in construction starts now—take the first step towards achieving your career goals.

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