Aspiring Construction Professionals, Take Note!: 2024 PRC Board Licensure Exam Schedules - Pinoy Builders

Aspiring Construction Professionals, Take Note!: 2024 PRC Board Licensure Exam Schedules

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The backbone of any thriving industry relies on the expertise and competence of its professionals. In the Philippines, the construction industry is growing at a remarkable rate not just because of the influx of infrastructure projects that are spearheaded by the government, but also because there is seemingly no shortage of individuals who are entering the industry and contributing to the expansion. For those who want to enter the challenging but thriving field of construction, staying updated with the licensure exam schedule is important. 


The Professional Regulation Commission, otherwise known as the PRC, serves as an important agency that validates and monitors the proficiency of individuals who are hoping to enter the field of their choice and practice their expertise in a legal manner. For those who are hoping to build a successful career in the construction industry, obtaining a license awarded by the PRC board is a requirement of utmost importance. This is why in the upcoming year of 2024, the PRC is set to conduct another series of licensure examinations that present a crucial chance for all aspiring construction professionals to grab. In this article, we will share a complete list of licensure examination dates for individuals who are hoping to cement their careers in the construction industry. 

2024 PRC Board Licensure Exam Schedules

Beginning its operations on January 4, 1974, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is responsible for preserving the high quality of expertise that all licensed professionals in the Philippines must have. Since its establishment, the PRC has continued to facilitate licensure examinations for all aspiring individuals who are hoping to enter the field of their dreams, including those who want to work in the construction industry. Below is a list of scheduled examination dates for licensed professions in the construction industry for 2024.


Profession Last Date of ApplicationDate/s of ExaminationTarget Result Release Date/s
ArchitectsDecember 11, 2023January 24-26, 2024 January 31, 2024
Master Plumbers January 08, 2024February 15 & 16 2024February 20, 2024
Mechanical EngineersJanuary 22, 2024Febuary 20, 21 & 22 2024February 27, 2024
Electronics TechniciansMarch 11, 2024April 13, 2024April 17, 2024
Civil EngineersMarch 21, 2024April 20 & 21, 2024April 25, 2024
Registered Electrical EngineersMarch 12, 2024May 24 & 25, 2024May 2024
Registered Master ElectriciansMarch 12, 2024May 26,  2024May 2024
ArchitectsApril 25, 2024June 11 & 13, 2024June 19, 2024
Interior DesignersJune 03, 2024July 02, 03 & 04, 2024July 22, 2024
Master PlumbersMay 31, 2024July 13 & 14, 2024July 17, 2024
Landscape ArchitectsJune 18, 2024July 18 & 19, 2024July 23, 2024
Environmental PlannersJune 25, 2024July 25 & 26, 2024July 31, 2024
Mechanical EngineersJuly 15, 2024August 16, 17 & 18, 2024August 23, 2024
Registered Electrical EngineersJuly 24, 2024August  24 & 25, 2024August 29, 2024
Registered Master ElectriciansJuly 12, 2024August 26, 2024August 29, 2024
Geodetic Engineers September 17, 2024October 17 & 18, 2024October 23, 2024
Electronics TechniciansSeptember 19, 2024October 21, 2024October 25, 2024
Civil EngineersOctober 18, 2024November 18 & 19, 2024November 26, 2024

Source: Professional Regulation Commission Website












A Bright Future In The Field of Construction

As the Philippine construction industry continues to develop, ensuring that local professionals only provide high-quality expertise is possible through the regulation of the PRC Board Licensure exams. The scheduled exams for 2024 will offer aspiring professionals an opportunity to prove their capabilities and contribute significantly to the field of construction. By staying updated with exam schedules, preparing diligently, and adapting to the changing landscape of the field, all aspiring construction professionals will be taking important steps toward a rewarding career in their dream industry. 



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